Crokinole Discs

Crokinole discs:

They are made to be used for Canada’s infamous and all-rounder loved game; crokinole board! Made for Canada’s traditional board game, these crokinole discs are made with high-quality plastic. To make the game running perfectly smooth, it is heavy yet lightweight, as the disk pieces flow easily across the board.

Originated In Edmonton

In the city of Edmonton in Canada, the game is especially famous for having its deep-set roots. The game crokinole has been here for around ages, and thus it is inevitable for its accessories to get lost or shave off in quality over a period of time. But not these Crokinole discs.

They are made with the most premium quality of plastic and are heavy to the weight. Yet, as they are made with such heavy quality materials, they are still able to glide easily across the Crokinole board. Not only this but is manufactured with premium quality means, we promise you durability. Quality, so the top of the notch and line, that you will keep on coming back for more accessories!

Edmonton crokinole

Crokinole Disk 

As different boards have different sizes and diameters, each of the different board games requires their own unique size of Crokinole discs. As gladly, we are able to supply our loyal customers with all the sizes.

From traditional to unique sets. Above all, they also come in different colors and designs! So you can pick and choose whichever you like the most or fit the style of your Crokinole board the most. From the classic, solid colors to customizable laser engraved discs. All available in a click of a button.

Pieces Quality

As customer satisfaction is too dear and close to our hearts, it was important for us to provide them with only quality material goods. This is also why we made the choice open for customers if they wish to choose to buy plastic Crokinole discs or premium quality hardwood disks.

Both made with high-quality materials but giving you a different feel and experience when playing your board game. But all the while, serving the purpose of the game, being functional and also looking beautiful, shiny, and glossy across the board.

Canada Crokinole


How many colors are there available for the discs

They are available in up to several different colors. The typical, white, black, red, green, blue, and even laser engraved disks!

What size do you recommend to use?

For the traditional 22-24” boards that can be found in Edmonton and more places in Canada originally, we recommend to you their traditional small-sized discs. They are perfect for 20 hole 3.2cm openings of board games. 

Whereas board games with 26” or more surface area, we suggest the larger tournament disc sizes. These are perfect to play for 20 hole boards with 3.5 cm openings.

What quality is the Crokinole disc?

They are made with hard plastic or available in top-notch quality maple wood, all sourced from the land in Canada. Both are made with materials that make it almost impossible to dents and give a glossy, shiny finish to itself. Which results to, the Crokinole disc running smoothly and becoming more durable than your regular, average disks

How to make your crokinole smoother?

You can use powders as an accessory to help! These are easy to glide powders that you sprinkle on your crokinole board and shake it around a little bit to get it spread out evenly across the game. After this, your game should run smoothly and perfectly as the microbeads in the powder will help your discs glide like a hot knife in butter!

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