Crokinole Bumpers

Crokinole Bumpers:

If you are someone who is wanting to participate in a Crokinole championship or competition, this rubber bumper is all that you will ever need. Crokinole bumpers are rubber covers that are screwed on or on the board. With this, your board stays stagnant and in its place.

The screw-on rubber bumpers are able to hold the strong screws in their place for the perfect level of bounce. Resulting in your Crokinole plans to turn out just the way you imagined them to be!

Rubber bumper benefits:

Do you aspire to have a slower rebounding like the rest of the professional Crokinole players? Well, this is the perfect time to get yourself one. This one screw in rubber bumper may look like a small minute accessory, but trust us, it is a game a changer!

These bumpers are able to slow down the speed of your Crokinole discs. Making it the optimal playground for championship-level gaming.

Screw in rubber bumpers

But no need to worry, even if you are not using it for championship purposes, you can always use them at home as well! Screw the rubber bumpers on the screws and you should be perfectly good to go and win every Crokinole match ever planned.


What do these rubber bumpers do?

They help slow down the speed and rebounding off the Crokinole discs. Furthermore, if your bumpers have fallen out or are no longer in usable quality, then you can simply screw these onto the screws for the perfect amount of bounce in your board game.

Are they a one time screw on only?

No! As it is made of rubber, you can easily screw it on and even take it off whenever you feel like wanting to play with or without the rubber bumpers.

What quality is the Crokinole bumper made of?

It is made with high quality, premium rubber latex. Making it easy to screw on and off of your board’s accessory. Moreover, they are waterproof and are easy to clean. And hence, making it the right investment for you, as it will last you longer due to its material and durability!

Can they be used as a substitute?

They can be used as a Crokinole board substitute through its bumper, indeed.

Screw on rubber bumpers


Now that you have all the information you need, what are you waiting for? Get your very own Crokinole Board from our online store right away and join the journey to traditional Canadian gaming!

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