Crokinole Accessories

Crokinole Accessories:

There are over hundreds of additional accessories that you can buy for the Crokinole board game. Originated and played the most in Canada, this board game does have a certain complexity that other games do not. Which is why it has so many pieces and accessories to choose from!

And as fulfilling customer satisfaction is our number one priority, we have taken it upon ourselves to make sure to provide you with the most common Crokinole accessories we could find. These maintenance kits, pouches, holders bowls are all accessories made especially so you have an experience of a lifetime while playing this Canadian game. 

Crokinole Table

In order to ensure that your board does not move, we have provided for your screws and Crokinole tables. That almost sticks and glues down your board to the surface of the table. Making it sure that it does not move while you play.

Resulting in giving you a stagnant board and a focus game. Moreover, you can also get the plastic cue tips for your game and your cue. This way you will be able to get more precise targets and be more likely to win the game as an outcome of getting this accessory!

crokinole table

Crokinole Pieces

These are the base of your board game. The disks! You can purchase the disks from here. While getting its accessories from here! As there are so many discs to take account of, it is important to compile them properly in one place after the game, before the game as well as during it.

Which is why we have made it available for your service, tiny bags, and Crokinole bowls that are perfect to store your disks. Moreover, there are also accessories like holders. Where you can safely keep the disks and also be able to keep score of you and your opponent.

Crokinole Board

Crokinole bumpers play a huge role in your gaming experience, which is why you can get them here. Meanwhile, you can get your hands on other accessories like disk sliding powders to ensure a smooth-running game. Whereby the disks simply glide in speed on the board. Moreover, we have also provided for you a range of different kinds of playing waxes, scrubs, and shiners for your Crokinole table! 


This way you can ensure the health of your most important piece of the game, the board. Using these products will not only safeguard the health of your table, and make it more durable, but also make your games better. As they will have a glossier, smoother surface to play on.

crokinole plan

All of these accessories are made to make your experience with the game as fun as easy as possible. Whether you are doing it for a championship or for a game with your family on a Sunday, these goodies will work perfectly and just as good in both scenarios. So what are you waiting for? Get your very own kits and Crokinole accessories now and get to your smooth journey of Canadian gaming!

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