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Crokinole boards have been in the gaming industry for a very long time. The history of this board game is that its invention dates back to 1870 by a Canadian. And since then not only has it been the most played traditional table game in Canada, but is also a board game that people play the most in their leisure time for fun!

The game was first made by Eckhardt Wettlaufer, in Ontario, Canada. It is said by people, that Wettlaufer made this game as a gift to offer to his son, Adam. The word Crokinole comes from the french word Croquignole. Which refers to as a kind of cookie in french, and in french Canada it means a kind of pastry similar to a donuts. This explains the cookie shape of the board game table and where it gets its name.


While some play this game for fun, others play it to pursue it as a competition. It is a rather understanding game that requires a lot of attention, motor skill, hand-eye coordination, plane geometry and so much more. Which is why, one could say that it easily one of the more  competitive board games that you can compete in nationally in championships.

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The Crokinole board game could be said to be similar to the board game Carom, marbles or shove.The rules of a Crokinole board game is that you score points by getting the Crokinole discs as close as to the center as possible. The aspect which makes it even more fun and exciting is that your piece must be able to create a movement upon the disc of your opponent. As players one by one take their turns shooting at their opponents disks through theirs, the player with the highest score (whereby their disks landed at the top scoring areas on the board table, all the while also knocking off their opponents disks) wins!

Among this style of game, there are many others that you can play on a Crokinole board with more excitement, more rules, and double the entertainment.

Crokinole Boards

There are up to two different kinds of Crokinole table board game sets. They are both different in their unique ways, dimensions, sale, pieces, rules, price points, designs and more. Although, as mentioned that the world Crokinole means a cookie shape. The board game is also available not only in a circular shape, but is also available in octagonal shape, which is rather more traditional to its roots. These boards are simple in the middle and are divided from low point areas to high scoring areas. However, this also differs from board to board. Traditional Crokinole boards are more simple, where as Tournament boards have more complex boards with more complicated rules and strictness. Moreover, you can also customize your board games.

As providing quality and diversity to our loyal customers is important for us, we have made it sure to supply you with all and every kind of crocono board. If you are looking for a crocono board that is cheap, then we have it! If you are looking for a board for sale that can be made custom according to design or dimensions, we have provided it! Want an original and traditional board game for sale right from its homeland, Canada? Then we can provide that for you as well! Just as long as our customers are happy and have everything available to them in a click of a button. 

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All of this makes us confident in ourselves when we say that you will not be able to come across our premium and diverse collection of Crokinole board games and find something you didnt like. As we have every kind of board table for everyone. According to budgets, price points, dimensions and more.

Cheap Or Expensive:

Depending on what you budget is, we have also provided for you a series of different prices of Crokinole boards. If you are looking for something that is cheap or inexpensive, but also in great quality and shape then we have made it sure to supply it to you. Or if you are looking for something to buy for a championship or playing at a national level, then we have it available for you as well! 

Quality Boards:

As mentioned, that customers satisfaction is most important to us, we believe that quality is more important than quantity. Which is why, keeping this in mind, we made it sure that no board is made with poor quality of materials. Each board is hand crafted or machine crafted to specialization, just for you. Every board is quality tested and approved by the Gaming Associations and authorities. Making it proud to say that our Crokinole boards are made with 100% tested and high quality materials. Making your board gaming experience not only the best one you have ever had, but also to keep you coming back for more! Furthermore, as the quality is so outstanding than your average Crokinole boards, it results in our boards, its accessories, pieces, discs and so much more, all highly durable. So it lasts you a lifetime. 

Now forget worrying about how often you must play Crokinole to keep the board game running and in good condition. You can keep away our board games for months without using it, and it will still uphold its quality.

Discs, pieces and more

Accessories play a major role in a Crokinole game. To make sure that your crocono game goes smoothly, it is important to make sure that your board game. Its accessories are in great condition and you have all the required items you need. Which is also why, we have individual accessories available for you to purchase as well as ready to play kits. All to make your gaming experience more enjoyable, if you play it with family, or more competitive, if you play it for competitions. 


Now that you have gotten all the information you need to get yourself started, what are you waiting for? Get your very own Crokinole board game now where your dream Crokinole board is a click away from becoming yours to own. We are adamant that you will find a board that you will fall in love with and want to have, they’re that good, affordable, high quality, diverse and fun. So what is holding you back? Get one now and enjoy some family time with your loved ones today!

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